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The Best Youth Summer Internship in Philadelphia

WesGold Fellows Description

The WesGold Fellows is a highly intensive and rewarding summer internship program focusing on personal and professional development. Click Below to Find Out More…


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5 Pillars of Success

The WesGold Fellows is built on (5) essential themes that are necessary for achievement and fulfillment in any industry

Career & Work Readiness

Providing work experience to instill a sound work ethic, personal responsibility, and a commitment to excellence.

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Financial Management

Providing the knowledge, tools, and skills for wealth building and financial freedom and the money to implement what you learn.

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Personal Development

Developing the self-confidence, intrinsic motivation, and skills required to develop positive, rewarding, and successful lives.

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College & Career Planning

Providing unique access and exposure to post-secondary education, career opportunities, mentors, experts, and industry professionals.

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Social Responsibility

Instilling a “Lift as You Climb” Mentality; with an emphasis on helping others and creating opportunities to positively impact the community.

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WGF Matched Savings Accounts

The most essential skill to your financial success is the ability to save; without that nothing else matters. The purpose of our savings program is

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While you're here, you should check out some of our favorite moments from the past 10 years

WGF 2017

Check out pictures and videos from the (2017) Class of the WesGold Fellows WGF 2017...

WGF 2016

Check out pictures and videos from the (2016) Class of WesGold Fellows.   WGF 2016...

WGF 2015

Check out pictures and videos from the (2015) Class of WesGold Fellows   WGF 2015...

WGF 2014

Check out pictures and videos from the (2014) Class of WesGold Fellows   WGF 2014...

WGF Current Students & Alumni

We are quite proud of our graduates. Once you get to know them, we’re sure...

WGF Program Coordinators

The Program Coordinators are the energy and heart of the WesGold Fellows. We empower them...

WGF Activities

See what its’s like to be a WesGold Fellow. Try out some of their assignments...

WGF Program Partners & Mentors

The WesGold Fellows’s most valuable assets are definitely the mentors and partners. They provide unique...




The WesGold Fellows is blessed to have a diligent, innovative, community driven team at the helm.

Jim Burnett
The Big Boss

Executive Director of WPFSI

Jim Burnett
Mike Gross
The Brains

Creator for the WesGold Fellows

Mike Gross
(2) College Coordinators
The Driving Force

This year, we’re blessed to have the incredible Nadirah Bowser along with Chikara Wood as the WGF Program Coordinators 2019. Each year, WPFSI hires (2)

(2) College Coordinators

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