Attn All Young People: “You Already Are Multi-Millionaires!”

Today our honored guest was Mr. Benjamin Mobley, Financial Planner with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Mr Mobley is a product of Philadelphia and a graduate of West Chester University. His humility and down-to-earth approach left a tremendous impact on all the WesGold Fellows.  They were given several important lessons, the first of which is:

“Every single one of you is already a multi-millionaire!”

Each person has the capacity for greatness; your plan for achieving your goals and your determination to fulfill them is what makes that possible. The younger you are, the longer you have to save and invest.

Mr. Mobley’s Retirement Goal: $5,000,000 in the bank

If he is able to invest $5 Million into a savings bond at 6% interest, it will accrue $300,000 each year. He, and most of the world, can live very comfortably on that figure.

The NFL Commissioner started out as an administrative intern

Find your passion and then do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell started his career as an intern with then Commissioner Pete Rozelle. He got this position by sending letters to Mr. Rozelle and all 28 teams and by displaying the tenacity needed to work towards his dreams.

Many of the students remarked that Mr. Mobley was one of their favorite speakers because the depth of his words and their ability to relate to him. One Fellow went so far as to say, “He seemed to ooze money!” That’s a WesGold Fellow Partnering Professional to remember!

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