It’s Not a Marathon, It’s a Relay

The WesGold Fellows were more than willing to break their normal routine when given the opportunity to have Philadelphia’s First Lady, Lisa Nutter come in and speak. Mrs. Nutter is much more than just the wife our Mayor; she is a fervent community advocate and the President of Philadelphia Academies, Inc, who sponsors the WesGold Fellows. Mrs. Nutter is a Philadelphia native and graduate of Penn State University. She took time out of her busy schedule to share some words of wisdom that she gained from her many experiences and the two educators she had for parents.

Her message was simple, yet immensely powerful: It’s  not a marathon, it’s a relay. Those currently in the workforce can only go for so long, at some point they will need to pass the baton on to the next generation who will take further than they ever could. With that in mind she wanted to share some lessons she’s gotten along her journey.

“We’re All Works in Progress”

No one is perfect. We are all bound to make mistakes somewhere along the way. The only real failure occurs when you don’t learn anything or you stop moving forward. The most successful have failed numerous times, but do not allow that to deter their growth.

Philadelphia Academies

Earlier this year, this non-profit organization had the pleasure of hosting President Bill Clinton at the National Constitution Center. President Clinton remarked, “I love what Philadelphia Academies do, and I only wish every child in America had access to them “. What they do is enhance how education is provided and create an opportunity structure; not only giving them the hands on abilities, but also the means to use them in the workforce.

Closing Remarks

Mrs. Nutter’s parents instilled the values of education and hard work within her. She tells every student that to be successful they must live centered on specific values and goals, understand they are actors in their own development, and find at least one positive adult in your life.

Her message resonated with the students and we are deeply grateful for her time and her contributions to the community and youth. Check out the great work that Mrs. Lisa Nutter and Philadelphia Academies, Inc. are doing at Philadelphia Academies.

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