WGF on Capitol Hill

WGF on Capitol Hill

The WesGold Fellows take over Washington, D.C.! On a recent excursion to the Capitol Building, the students learned about the extraordinary and tumultuous undertaking of building iconic structure, in addition to this great nation. For many Fellows, this marked their first trip to D.C, but the first trip to the Capitol for everyone.

Capitol Entrance

Although only a short amount of time was spent there, it was a deeply informative and inspiring visit. It began with video that detailed the creation of the building, its’ partial destruction during the war of 1812, and many of the immensely important laws created within its walls. All throughout the building, there are exhibitions of those who left their mark on this country and offices for those doing so today. From the statues of many influential figures to the thought-provoking and inspiring artwork, the Capitol is a monument to the pursuit of excellence across industries.

Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Capitol Statue of Freedom on top of the Capitol Building

This trip was made possible through the efforts of WGF Partnering Professional Jim Baker and his organization, Baker & Co.  Because of his assistance, the students were able to visit the site of the 2008 Presidential Inauguration; possibly the most important political event of our time. Thanks again to Jim Baker and check out the great work they are doing at Baker & Company.


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