You Are the Architect of Your Future

3798243596_999a06aa24_mDuring this class session, the WesGold Fellows put their architectural skills to the test. The task: to build the tallest free-standing structure with only the use of plain white paper and scotch tape. In groups of two, they were given no instruction other than to make it as tall as possible. Each group brought a different perspective to the exercise as shown in the varying designs of each structure.


The amount of time a groups spent on planning was positively correlated to having the tallest and sturdiest towers. Which happened by no coincidence. They all figured out that height is only dependent on the foundation’s ability to support the associated weight.

This simple exercise has much larger implications, however.  These towers represent the fruits of our labor; what we work so achieve. Although we all have dreams of being the biggest, the best, the tallest; if we first do not have a solid foundation, it will all come crashing down around us. One’s foundation is based on their education, abilities, and their discipline, dedication, and determination towards future success. The foundation becomes more and more stable as one adds new skills and talents.

We must all recognize that we are the architects of our own development. We get out whatever we put into a situation. Our future success is predicated on our planning today. Once we create create a clearly defined vision of what we want to achieve and then continually add to our foundation, there is no limit to the heights we can reach.



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